Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide Crusher

If you want to get the highest price, not only just be considered in the purchase price of jaw crusher, for its use also requires some attention because this cost is closely related to the life of the crusher, the same machine, more than a year, its price will raise a lot, and want to make better use of, which we must pay attention to daily maintenance and cleaning. A, polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher cleaning, is not a small thing, but the term big project, not only because of the need to clean the surface, but also include a machine conveyor among a plurality of engaging parts of the mouth, lining, additional material panels the key part of the handover, only to clean up the timing, not the gravel and scrap block, in order to make the machine easier to use. Two, polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher conveyor belt can be said to be part of the jaw crusher most easily consumed, usually after a period of use, the elastic belt surface and overall performance will drop, should be replaced in a timely manner, so as to effectively jaw crusher price is more cost effective.

Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide Crusher Price

Polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher as a technology-intensive crushing equipment, the current domestic production capacity of the manufacturers really have not much, even if they can produce, the major manufacturers in the manufacturing and process technology also has a considerable gap, the resulting polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher price difference between what the larger reason is it?

A spindle and other materials selection, spindle polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher is the core component of its quality directly affects the overall performance of the pros and cons. Good spindle and the spindle in the general price will usually vary greatly, sometimes even several times a difference. Second, the crushing chamber, polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher cavity type of broken material product quality has a great impact. Good crushing chamber design, can greatly enhance the efficiency of crushing cone crusher, reducing equipment wear and tear in use. In addition, a different type of crushing chamber, the size of their products, grain shape and overall quality are very different. This is why the same motor power price difference between the larger cause. Third, the process, the process of moving on with our fixed tooth plate, for example, silicon carbide broken tooth plate after finishing maneuver given without filled epoxy filler such as when replacing the tooth plate, is currently the only one shall not require filler models, users may not used is not very clear on this point, you need to fill in addition to the cost of the replacement tooth plate and the corresponding labor costs filler, more important is the need to fill dry to put on production, it normally takes 7-10 days, which is not that experience cold or wet weather period is longer. So the price will vary greatly.

Correct Installation Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide Crusher

Reasonable correct installation polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher, it can not only improve work efficiency, and can effectively protect expensive machinery, extend its life and create more value for the enterprise. The following describes a silicon carbide crusher installation considerations. A, polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher installation position with the device itself has a great relationship, broken different venues, equipment installation location is different, generally installed in the plant or in the open most of the job. Second, before the installation of the machine, inventoried the packing list to check whether the various pieces of damage during shipping, components and spare parts are complete. Three, polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher to adjust the crusher at the factory, manufacturing plant has been operating hours, the ministries are normal, however, the scene in the silicon carbide crusher in place, should conduct a comprehensive inspection check the oil tube is connected securely, should be re-applied once before commissioning oil. Fourth, check the component connection should be solid and reliable, double-check whether there is foreign matter on the impeller, if any should be excluded. Check the motor wiring is correct, the voltage is normal. Fifth, before installing the belt, start the motor, rotation should be consistent with polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher signs direction from the feed opening, the impeller rotates counterclockwise and if the opposite direction signs, motor wiring should be adjusted so that the rotation signs in the same direction for the two-motor drive shaft assembly and motor are connected to both sides of the triangle sides tape tensioning the same and should be adjusted by the same number of straight triangle belt with the spindle assembly.

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