Marble Crusher And Grinding

Marble in the natural environment, often eroded foreign matter in the process of its formation, a qualitative change will occur, is a metamorphic rock, formed in different regions, the marble will be doped with different impurities, the main ingredient is calcium carbonate, also contains magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and the like. At the time of the marble processing and utilization, often stripped from a different geotechnical materials, these are called stripped waste rock, in order to re-use this part of the material, we need to mine tailings grinding mill into a fine material, before it can be processed accordingly step.

When carrying marble crusher and grinding, will emit a lot of solid waste, which is called the mine waste material in order to achieve reuse, first through the grinding mill, after which the value can minerals comprehensive recycling, through the marble tailings disposal can be used as composite materials, it can also be used in agriculture production of micronutrient fertilizer, widely used. Role marble crusher and grinding applications in marble in play more and more, it is to improve the utilization of domestic energy resources, promoting sustainable economic development.

Working Principle of Marble Crusher and Grinding

Marble crusher, the material falls from the top of the machine vertical high-speed rotation of the impeller, the role of the high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella in the form of diversion of materials around the impeller produces high-speed impact and crushing, the material after each impact , marble crusher will between the impeller and the casing to form a vortex several material impact each other, friction and grinding, through discharge from the bottom, forming a closed loop several times by marble crushing and screening equipment control to achieve the desired end product granularity.

Some time ago received a customer calls Advisory marble crusher and grinding equipment, finished more than 200 mesh size requirements. The client is doing stone production and Yunnan is the home of marble, marble sculpted, polished and it will have a lot of rubble and scrap, the client is to crushing and grinding these abandoned marble trim. He said a lot of consultation milling machine manufacturer, but has not been very satisfactory solution. Just start asking when he consulted with Raymond or ball? Our technical staff asked him in detail after production going for his production, as he recommended marble crusher and grinding equipment, from the discharge can well meet the production demand, output and so on. And the cost will be reasonable than several prior consultation, production results certainly make him very happy. In order to give him a more intuitive feel, our responsible manager also took him to visit our customers marble crusher and grinding production site, both from the production scale, product discharge efficiency, etc., have made him very happy.

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