Cone Construction Waste Crusher

Precautions for damage of cone-shaped construction waste crushing motor cone

Guide: The moving cone is an important part of the cone crusher. It needs to cooperate with the combination bolt and spherical bearing, and cooperate with the upper and lower bushings, which will inevitably be subject to wear during production. The conical construction waste crusher plays an important role in the construction waste treatment. The following are the precautions for the damage of the conical construction waste crushing maneuver cone.

In order to reduce the wear of the moving cone and prolong the service life, it is necessary to improve the force of the moving cone. By installing a hydraulic device in the lower part of the base of the construction waste cone crusher, the self-weight of the moving cone and the vertical component of the broken ore are all taken up by the hydraulic cylinder to improve the force condition of the moving cone, so that the operation is stable and reliable. Reduce the damage of the moving cone to a certain extent. Then pay attention to the inspection in production. Once an abnormality occurs in the cone crushing motor cone, the operator should stop and perform a full inspection in time, or notify professional maintenance personnel to perform professional repairs. If it is found that the spherical bearing of the cone crusher has been damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time, and the gap of the tapered taper bushing should be adjusted in time to ensure that there is enough clearance.

In order to reduce the wear of the moving cone and prolong the service life, a reliable safety device is required. Now the cone construction waste crusher generally uses hydraulic safety device. When the equipment is over-iron or overloaded, the hydraulic safety device can act immediately, reducing the damage of the moving cone to the overload. Then you need to prevent the dynamic cone imbalance. Unbalanced moving cones can cause serious accidents in the cone crusher, and even failures such as spindle breakage, breakage, and tapered bushing cracking may occur. Therefore, in production, we should pay attention to prevent the imbalance of the moving cone crushing motor cone. When the moving cone is out of balance, we should find out the cause and eliminate it in time to extend the service life of the moving cone and its equipment.

Of course, good lubrication is also essential. Before starting the construction waste cone crusher, check the lubrication status of the moving cone and check for impurities in the lubricating oil. During the operation of the moving cone, attention should be paid to the temperature of the lubricating oil. Pay attention to ensure the dredging of the oil circuit. When the lubricating oil deteriorates, it is necessary to filter or replace the clean lubricating oil in time to ensure good lubrication of the moving cone. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the wear rate of the moving cone and shorten the replacement cycle to reduce the production cost of the cone crusher and improve the production efficiency. If you encounter severe wear and tear on the moving cone, be sure to find the cause in time, solve it as soon as possible, and resume production.

The above content is a precautionary measure for the damage of the cone-shaped construction waste crushing motor cone. It is hoped that the user can pay attention to it and reduce it to reduce the economic loss caused by the fault.

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